The world's first ever green ecosystem
that built with blockchain technology
An application that integrates privacy, security, convenience, communication, transaction, payment, assets, and revenue, and is free to use for life.
X-LINX is ready to change the world!
3 independently core operating systems
Encrypted closed-loop mailbox
Super Carrier Application
Ninetrium Blockchain
About X-LINX
X-LINX TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD was incorporated in Singapore in year 2021. Its core business includes
Research and development
of blockchain system
Explore the future
of digital assets
Study the issuance
of digital currency
Assess the future
of the Tokenomics
Build a blockchain
Promote encrypted
We have a Great Mission
Committed to build a global green technology ecosystem that can integrate Tokenomics and Open Finance Platform.
We have an Ultimate Vision
Focus on promoting the global green technology ecosystem to every corner of the world.
More about X-LINX system
Thoroughly resolve human safety issues
Full implementation of human biological characteristics
Enable people to speak freely
Completely integrated into the users life circle
X-LINX system
Shaping the future of Open Finance Platform
Compromise the restrictions of the Internet
Redefine the previous principles of blockchain
Converting Crypto Currency into a Tokenomics
Reform the basic concept of digital assets
X-LINX Super Carrier
End-to-end encrypted communication
Using the most advanced encryption method to allow users to communicate instantly, where the entire communication process are riding on the Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS) to stay connected, as the X-LINX server is only be used as an intermediary to ensure that the entire communication records are completely confidential.
Personal safety protection features
Using the latest GPS method such as satellite positioning, the X-LINX system will periodically send the user location to the relatives selected by the user, and it's also equipped with an emergency help function to extremely protect the user at all times.
Open Finance Platform
Completely different from other Crypto Currency exchanges, X-LINX Open Finance Platform does not require any verification, and it is completely anonymous to allow users to freely use the smart contracts for unlimited transactions. It happens to be the most advanced and best global-integrated digital asset trading platform.
Proof of Contribution mining mechanism
X-LINX attaches great importance to environmental protection and therefore, it insists not to use any equipment that might consume a lot of energy for mining. Instead, it created the Proof of Contribution mining mechanism to replace the traditional mining method. Users are able to get Ninetrium through their contributions in accordance to the rules and regulations that pre-set in the Smart Contract of X-LINX.
Private key mnemonic method
Considering the security of users' digital assets and personal data in all aspects, X-LINX combined both biometric authentication and Morse Code to replace the traditional private key mnemonic method. While defending against hackers, it also greatly improves the convenience of users experience.
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